with Arnold Timmerman


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What's there to tell? My whole life I have been detoxing from hidden and not so hidden dogma, because I wanted to experience what makes me feel alive - in my personal life and in my work. All of my life's choices, careers, emigrations, work and books have been based on one principle: exploring 'uncharted territories' - physically, emotionally, mentally, professionally and spiritually. It has pushed me to explore beyond the structures of how things 'should' be.  

Dogma Detox is the result of over 40 years of self-inquiry (my spiritual life got unexpectedly ignited at the age of 11) and of 20 years of working around the world, as a

· seminar leader in mind-body health

· facilitator of leadership programs, self-development, retreats and conflict resolution

· coach and therapist.

And I am hugely excited about it, because I keep experiencing what Dogma Detox does with people's lives, careers and businesses.

If you really want to know about my background, have a click on the images and resume.

My suggestion... book some 1-1 time with me or get onto the training program. It will tell you everything you need to know.