with Arnold Timmerman

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It's time to align your business with what new times and new generations are asking for!

How do you keep your business relevant?

With the change that is happening, with the unpredictability of our economic systems, that is the main question.  

Because: what was true today might not be true tomorrow and that affects your business, its employees, its strategic partners and its customers.

So what is needed to keep your business thriving in times of accelerating change?'

Can it be that simple?

Yes, it can!

You have just been taught i.e. sold that it takes a long time. There's one condition though. Key to your business's immediate Dogma Detox success is that you experience its power and effect before 'submitting' others to it. So get in touch for a 1-1 Dogma Detox session or join the training program. For some immediate inspiration, just sign up for the free mini-book.



Your business really doesn't need more traditional change & leadership formulas. You have invested enough time and money in them. Sure, some of them might have pushed your business forward a bit, but soon enough you experienced that familiar kind of status quo.


The great news is: Dogma Detox has been specifically designed to get your business freed from(mostly hidden) dogma that has kept it stuck when change and inspiration is wanted.

Why? Well, some change models are contradicting others. Some give you a theory but no real application or intervention. Some are simply not aligned with the new generation employees and customers. But most importantly...

Unlike the traditional change theories and models, it gets the wheels in motion towards the desired change - fast!

What no one told you, what no one actually knew: you and your employees have all been 'imprisoned' by outdated DOGMA. Dogma loves status quo! Your business might have been ready for change, but hidden (& sometimes not so hidden) dogmatic 'truths' kept everyone involved locked into place.

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