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DOGMA DETOX® 'Dialogue'

1-1 coaching session

DOGMA DETOX® 'Dialogues'

1-1 coaching track

DOGMA DETOX® 'Training'

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You'd love to live a life of purpose and passion 24/7,


something is holding you back or causing struggle - in health, relationships, wealth, work or spiritual growth.

And no matter how hard you practise, study, change direction, you can't seem to shake off that sense of stuckness.

So why is this happening and

how can you finally live in the sweet spot of your own unique life?  

It's time to break free from outdated, passed on and hidden concepts. Time to live the life that suits you!       

Can it be that simple?

In these new times: yes it can!

Of course the proof is in the pudding. So get in touch for a Dogma Detox session 1-1. Get onto a training program, where you connect with a growing community of Dogma Detoxers who choose to live life from their own sweet spot. And get your free Dogma Detox mini-book.

All of it will get your wheels in motion!

Pick up your free Dogma Detox mini-book here.  



What no one ever told you, what no one actually knew: you've been 'imprisoned' by hidden DOGMA. No matter how much you want to move away from any type of stuckness, dogma and its protective mechanisms secretly keep you locked in.  


The great news is: Dogma Detox has been specifically designed to get you freed from any hidden dogma that kept you stuck, confused and disconnected.  

Hidden from your sight, it causes a feeling of struggle, confusion or even a lack of purpose - in any area of life: health, finance, relationships, work and spiritual development.

It can take as little as a few minutes - not hours, days or weeks - to get unstuck and get your wheels in motion. It ignites that sense of passion and purpose that you've been looking for. It makes you reconnect with the sweet spot of your own unique life.

You'll instantly know it, you will feel it and it will inspire you to 'up your game' - in wellbeing, love, wealth, career and spiritual deepening.

DOGMA DETOX® 'Consulting'

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